Maison Christian Dior - Sketching live event


On 21 March, punctual with spring, a new Maison Christian Dior Boutique opened its doors at the Douglas flagship store in Frankfurt. A concept in which the Dior house presents its luxurious collection of perfumes. And I was lucky enough to be drawing the guests at the party that accompanied this inauguration. Together with the violinist and what looked like thousands of precious bottles in all possible colours, I sat for a couple of hours to draw the guests of the party, who were queuing waiting for their portrait. Another successful live sketching event to point to the list.

After Douglas closed its doors the party continued at the Hotel Roomers. There, in a more relaxed atmosphere and already at the end of the night, I threw myself to do a couple of experiments, drawing for the first time faces and busts instead of the usual fashion sketches. I think we'll repeat.

Thanks Preferred World for the photos!

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