Live sketching for Dior at the Duftstars


Let’s begin with the crowning: I was drawing fashion sketches live at an event in the Dior store in Dusseldorf during the last Duftstars. And it went very well. There was a long queue of clients waiting to have their outfit drawn as a fashion illustration and we had to extend the action by an hour and a half, until at 10:30 we all went home happy. Including the friendly staff of the store, with their holy patience.

There were so magnificent outfits among the guests in the store. It was a pleasure to draw them. Some of them not for the first time: they had been before in the Steigenberger hotel and I had drawn them already there: once with a black tulle skirt at the hotel and the other with a white skirt at the store. In both cases spectacular clothes.

The reason why I had been drawing in the Steigenberger hotel, almost in front of the store, was actually the point of my work in Dusseldorf during those four days. Dior Parfums had prepared a special experience for its guests at the Duftstars: “Par Amour du Parfum”, an exhibition that took the visitor through the process of creating a perfume. From the fields of flowers in Grasse to the design of the flacons, going through laboratories and the office of Christian Dior himself. And it was located in the Steigenberger Hotel in Düsseldorf. My part was to offer my drawings to visitors waiting for their turn to enter the exhibition.

Four days in a row drawing non-stop. Practically feeding on Möet (there are worse diets) and chatting with my models. From some of them I learned to say "very nice" in Greek. There was no lack of entertainment.

Some celebrities stopped by the hotel, like the nice Jana Ina Zarrella, of whom I probably took my worst picture of those days (sorry!).

The place was decorated, like every time I work for Dior, spectacularly. Lots of beautiful flowers and coffee-table books showing the best of Dior heritage. Some of them served as a reference for my warm-up drawings.

As always there were many more women than men, but I also drew some gentlemen. From one of them I made a minimalist drawing with which I am quite happy.


  • I could move to the Steigenberger forever

  • 249 drawings in 4 days

  • Düsseldorf shows me new faces every time and is more and more beautiful

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