Fashion sketching live at Lillet opening in Cologne


Last April I was part of the opening of the Lillet bar “Atelier Aperitiv” in Cologne. They had created the perfect Lillet environment in this room: sweet but artsy, feminine and fresh. And they invited a lot of guests and because we wanted to have all of them drawn I used the same sketching technique I had used before at a Guerlain event: black and white sketch, no shadows and just a water colour background.

You can see the development of such a sketch right below, step by step. First I draw the figure with a very fine marker, while the person is posing. I add just symbolic features for the face, paying attention to the actual face of the sitter, but I am not trying to draw a portrait in such a short time (besides I am definitely not -yet- a portrait artist). I use a Tombow brush pen in grey for those face details.


Then the guest is free to move and I just add some stronger linkes with a flat point marker. It then looks like this:


To that point the drawing has taken me some 4 minutes, as this image shows. This time variates depending on the pose and outfit of the sitter.


And then I just add some watercolour as background, using a big flat brush. And that’s it!


I leave you here some impressions of that evening.

If your lifestyle company is planning an event and you would like to regale your guests with a unique experience and a branded souvenir of your party, you might want to have me there drawing for you. In that case contact me and we can talk about it. And if you want to be up to date about other projects I do that could inspire you for your own ones, please subscribe to my mailing list. See you there.