Live sketch event for L'Oréal at the Dreamball 2018


The first time I used make-up material to draw was during the last Berlinale, drawing in L'Oréal's pop-up store and it seems that they liked it as much as I did. Because when they contacted me to draw during the Dreamball charity gala, of which the brand is a sponsor, they explicitly asked me to draw with their products. In order for me to prepare myself properly, they sent me in advance a huge box full of all kinds of products. Just opening the box was a wonder: a wave of perfume invaded the room.


First I tried all the products and discarded those that left a greasy residue on the paper or those that didn't spread well. And with those that remained I continued trying for weeks, at times. And every time it was fantastic the perfume that accompanied me in these sessions.


So on the day of Dreamball 2018 when I sat down to draw the guests in their gala dresses, I was ready. L'Oréal had decorated my space with gorgeous lights and tables and a giant luminous drawing of its iconic Color Riche Matte, made by me (on this there will be another post) and on one of those tables there was a collection of my personal selection of L'Oréal products with which you can draw phenomenally.


It's true that some cannot be spread as well as drawing material, it's different and you have to get used to it, but that's precisely why they give very pleasant surprises, they leave the drawings with an unfinished touch that makes them attractive. Here is a list of my favourites, if you want to try: 

Tattoo Signature
Perfect Slim

Paradise Kajal Extatic
Infaillible Longwear Lip Liner
Brow Artist Expert
Micro Tattoo Brow Artist

Infaillible Gel Crayon Waterproof Eyeline
Le Khôl white
All these lipsticks: Color Riche, Color Riche Matte, Infaillible 24H Lipstick, Infaillible Longwear Shaping Stick


In these photographs you can see some of the drawings I made during the gala. The dress code was formal party which meant I got to draw marvellous dresses. Many wore red, making my lipsticks dance happily over the drawing paper. Dreamball is organised by DKMS LIFE, a German organisation supporting women in their fight against cancer. They operate under the motto “look good, feel better“ and it’s the part “look good” where L’Oreal comes into play, supporting numerous events and projects, like Dreamball itself. While some of the star invitees were the celebrities, it was cancer survivors, DKMS ambassadors, who stole the show, shining a special and a motivating light on all of us. It was a privilege to be able to meet and to talk to some of them, one of the surprising benefits that my job enables me to enjoy.