Fashion sketches live in the L'Oréal pop-up store

The first L'Oréal Paris pop-up store in Germany opened on February 17th, during the Berlinale, and it had the suitable motto "Paris meets Berlin". SisterMAG was in charge of giving shape to this store and organising the opening event. And they did their magic. Ladies, there was a whole Eiffel tower made of lipsticks! It looked amazing and to this day I wonder where do you go to when you need such a thing done.

The store was in the cute Rosenhöfen. It is a sort of inner-street inside of an old building block, with cobblestone floor and lots of roses. There was an excited crowd of girls waiting for the official opening, as the model Stefanie Giesinger cut the red ribbon and entered the shop followed by her giggling fans.

I was commissioned to draw the guests as fashion sketches -like I had done other times- and was sitting inside of the store, as this mass of young ladies stormed in. It was quite overwhelming and I asked myself how I would be able to draw anybody there. There was no place for my models to stand, it was so crowded. But also so joyful: nice music, everybody smiling and drinking champagne (not me: I don’t dare to drink alcohol while drawing, although, who knows? It might work).

Well, we found a way for me to see my models and to draw them. The vibe was so good! L'Oréal and SisterMAG had the idea I could try drawing using their make-up products. I tried, this was the first test:

Live sketch event Virginia Romo Illustration

It was fun. I went on, using mainly lipstick and sometimes mascara or rouge to add a final touch to the drawings, there where it was suitable. These are some examples:

There were some other amenities in the pop-up store, beside my fashion sketches: make-up artist Miriam Jacks was there showing how to make the most of the products, there were cocktails and delicious food, a DJ and of course the huuuge product palette of L’Oréal, the main reason why everybody was there. Among those attractions there was a quite special one: the clients could customise their new bought products by laser engraving them with their signature. This was made by the wonder machine of Signuu. I spontaneously drew a quick sketch on their iPad and see the magic they did. Now I have a very unique lipstick:

It was altogether a wonderful day, full of impressions. Some of them are in this video: