Drawing event at the Brigitte Academy Symposium


Last September I had the opportunity to draw many women in business look: It was during the Brigitte Symposium Academy.


The event took place at the Colosseum Theater in Essen. My client Madeleine Mode was a partner of the symposium and exhibited part of their collection in the foyer, so that the ladies visiting the congress could try on clothes that they normally only see online or in the catalogue.


My part was to liven up their visit and provide a personalised gift to Madeleine's clients who had the patience to pose to be drawn.


On this occasion I was lucky with the occasional photographers whom I asked to take some pictures from me: the saleswoman of Madeleine is actually a photographer in her second job and then I had the chance to meet Andrea Hösel from the blog Mutig Werden, who took the photo above after I drew her (below). Thank you to both!


Here are a couple of the elegant outfits I was able to draw.