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Drawing at the launch of JOY by Dior

Link to Lilly Karsten photography.

The last thing you expect when you're cleaning the apartment at the end of your holidays is a call to draw for Dior. But it can happen. It's happened to me: the last day of vacation with my family in Spain I picked up the phone with the rubber gloves, and on the other side was the agency Preferred World asking if I do watercolour fashion drawings at events. Yes, that is what I do. The truth is that I didn’t catch at that moment who the job would be for, I agreed to call the next day when I would land back home in Stuttgart. It turned out that Dior was launching in Germany its new perfume JOY, in Munich, on the roof terrace of Oberpollinger. And the agency Preferred World was in charge of organising an event around the theme of the perfume: light, water, freshness... joy.

After a very pleasant call in which we discussed what kind of drawings I could make so that the all guests would have a sketch to take with them as a souvenir that expressed JOY's lightness through watercolour, we decided that the best thing would be for me to develop a series of motifs inspired by the perfume campaign and to draw them live during the event so that they would be part of the guests' gift bag.

At this point the JOY campaign had not yet been revealed, so there were no images to rely on. But in order for my client to get an idea of what kind of drawings were possible, I took the campaign for another Dior perfume, "J'adore", and drew these sketches. My client liked them so there was nothing left to do but wait until August 21st, when the images of the new campaign would be available to the agency.

From the moment I received the campaign for JOY, I began to draw five motifs every day that had been approved (with enthusiasm!) by my client. Partly for "training", so that each drawing would flow in about 3 minutes on the day of the event and thus be able to draw about 100 of them, and partly to have a stock of drawings to showcase at the beginning of the event, before starting to draw.

What could I tell you? It came out great. The team of the agency are so warm and nice people and they put together such an exquisite event. The attendees liked my drawings and many of them ended up asking me to paint a sketch of their own outfit. That is: what I usually do in this kind of events. As always, we stayed until we closed. A perfect ending for this summer.

If you are planning an event too and would like me to draw your guests or to develop with you another idea to entertain them and create special souvenirs for them with my drawings, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can talk about it.

PS: thank you Lilly Karsten for those gorgeous photos and thank you Preferred World for making this happen.