Live sketch events: JOY and Douglas tour


Last December I have been touring through Germany with the newest perfume by Dior: JOY. We brought joy to eight Douglas shops. My part was to draw quick watercolour sketches in two different forms. The one series was based on the advertising campaign of JOY and individualised with the client’s name in hand-lettering . And the second one, for clients who bought several JOY products, was a fashion sketch of the client herself, for which she posed shortly and that she could take with her. You can see me drawing them in this video:

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It meant a lot of travelling and painting. But it also meant meeting extraordinary people: I was really impressed by the fabulous team of Dior Parfums. Just fantastic people that welcomed me everywhere and made my work easy. I am so thankful to them. And looking forward to meeting them again.

If your lifestyle company is planning an event and you would like to regale your guests with a unique experience and a branded souvenir of your party, you might want to have me there drawing for you. In that case contact me and we can talk about it. And if you want to be up to date about other projects I do that could inspire you for your own ones, please subscribe to my mailing list. See you there.