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Drawing at the VOGUE Christmas party


What fashion illustrator wouldn’t love to spend a little time alone with Mssr. Dior? This photo above is me in a library room where most of the books had been removed and replaced with frames. I was waiting for the rest of the Dior team, the frames were waiting for the drawings I had brought with me. We were at the Vogue Germany Christmas party last November.

I arrived and was absolutely delighted by the most beautiful room I have ever drawn in. I had brought my more than 100 unique “J’adore” watercolours that I would personalise that evening with the guests’ names. Each guest received one of those watercolours as a present from Dior. Additionally they could get a fashion sketch of themselves that I would draw live. The response was incredible, the room was immediately full of people waiting for their turn. What for some of them meant more than two hours.

You can see here below the drawing I had the pleasure to do for Nina Schwichtenberg (from fashiioncarpet) and Patrick Kahlo.


Do you see me there finishing the drawing while they filmed it?

And can you spot me now? This gives you an idea of how it went.


The guests were happy, I was even happier and the Dior team was doing an incredible job, keeping calm while finding the picture with the right name for each person among the (what seemed to be) infinite frames without the room collapsing. And doing most of these photographs (thank you so much, dear Mirijam, Carolin and Sebastian).

There were so many fantastic dressed people among the guests (I know, Vogue, what could you expect?) that it was a even nicer for me than in other occasions, to be able to draw such pieces. With some of them I would have loved to have a little more time to invest in the details. Like in the case of designer William Fan (here below).

This was for sure the highlight of my 2018. Everything was special: my client, the event, the required drawings, the place… And it went so well! I was exultant afterwards. But wait: it was not the end of the year yet. More to come.

If your lifestyle company is planning an event and you would like to regale your guests with a unique experience and a branded souvenir of your party, you might want to have me there drawing for you. In that case contact me and we can talk about it. And if you want to be up to date about other projects I do that could inspire you for your own ones, please subscribe to my mailing list. See you there.