Painting unique Christmas cards for Riani


This December I will be travelling all over Germany drawing Christmas cards. The fashion label Riani has started a series of events in which her clients receive a small gift in gratitude for their purchase. The gift consists of a package with five Christmas cards featuring very sweet and feminine motifs that is enhanced by one of the cards that I will be painting in the store: original, unique and fresh painted.


For these events I have created in advanced several motifs that I paint with watercolour during my visit to the store. But those initial motifs become different ones every time I repeat them and I also create new motifs during each event: Once the hand and the head warm up, more and more motifs come to mind. Some of them were inspired by Riani's current collection.

So far we have been in Lodenfrey and Oberpollinger, in Munich, and in Engelhorn in Mannheim. Upcoming in our calendar are still the Riani stores in Schorndorf and Muenster and the department stores Breuninger in Stuttgart. I play the final game at home, so to speak.