Fashion sketches live for Riani

This month I have been touring around South Germany: drawing fashion sketches live for the label Riani. This is something I had done before for other clients, in Stuttgart and Berlin. This time the trip took me to the luxury store houses Baltz in Bochum and Reischmann in Ulm and to the Riani store in Schorndorf, so far. During these sessions I had the opportunity to record part of the action (or let it be recorded, better said) and with that material I have put together this video that hopefully help you get an idea of such an event.

What you don't see in the video is the laughter, the smiles, the chatter. I have met so many nice people in this last month as in the sum of seven years before. Thank you Riani!

The preparation, the travelling, the long hours sitting and the pressure of drawing in front of people are of course stressing factors that don't come with the "normal" jobs. But the other side of the medal is the incredibly possitive feedback, all the "thank you"s and the smiles and the direct contact with my client and his guests. Also: there are not revisions, no changes of mind, no waiting time for corrections and all those other things that do come with the usual jobs. The guests pose for some three minutes, I enhance the drawing in further four minutes or so and they get the original home with a smile in their faces.

I am looking forward to doing it again next Saturday at Ludwig Beck in Munich.

If you would like me to draw for your event, don't hesitate to contact me.