My month's faves - March 2017

  • March was the month when I started doing something I wanted to try for a long time: working from a coworking space. This was possible now thanks to my Surface. My new office (in a super duper beautiful campus and just a five minutes bike ride from home): Coworking 0711

  • Another thing that I wanted to start learning, for years, was playing chess. The app chess. com is my new evening fave.

  • Well, on those evenings where I was not watching my last favourite series: "Big Little Lies" Well played, beautiful scenery and such a nerve wracking plot.

  • When I grow up, I will by the book "Gruau" by Joëlle Chariau. Until I save the 400 Euro, I take it from the library. If you like fashion, illustration or just amazingly beautiful drawings: get it. He is the best of all masters and this book is a jewel.

  • And because it makes it possible that I can enjoy such a book, one of my month's faves is the Stuttgart City Library. I was sad as they moved from the centre of Stuttgart to a new, not so developed yet and very commercial area. But the building is (especially inside) beautiful and full of light.

  • Another book I took there: "Fashion Illustrator" by Bethan Morris. It gives you a very bride overview in different approaches and techniques and includes interviews with "first league" illustrators and very useful step-by-step examples of how they build their illustrations.

  • And then, once I got immersed in the world of fashion and enjoyed watching the Gruau's images that celebrate luxury, I read the book "Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion" by Tansy E. Hoskins, which analyses and criticises the monstrosities of this industry: in the economics, the human rights, the environment... The whole craziness we are stuck in. Very easy to read, lots of information and even an attempt to offer a solution. Although that part disappointed me because, sincerely, I don't see how we can get there. But who can see the future?