Interview in the podcast Skizzenbuch & Marketing

The drawing above is my friend, colleague and even coach Johanna Fritz. I drew her two years ago as I created my special Dressember campaign. But we met longer ago, as I had just started being an illustrator and she was organising the monthly illustrators meet-up here in Stuttgart. Since then we have organised an exhibition, together with other colleagues, and we have shared a lot of white wine glasses.

You probably know about Johanna and if don't you should: she is one of the most positive people I know, and one of the most resolute ones. She sets a goal for herself and she achieves it in the time that other people (guilty!) use to just overthink it. She is an published children's illustrator, used to have her own stationery company, has created a huge community, is a coach, has launched several online courses...

One of those projects of her was to host a podcast. Thought, done. She started it last spring and asked me to interview me on one of the first episodes. That is what I am linking here. In the interview we talk about how I became an illustrator quite late in life and how, further on, I managed to lead my career into fashion illustration and how Instagram helped me to do it.

Passing review to the year I just realised I had not shared it yet, maybe because I was on holiday as it was published and then, you know, after-holiday time came. So, that is the one episode I wanted to link but actually if you are interested in starting or growing your creative career you should listen to all episodes of Skizzenbuch & Marketing*. Real gold!

*The podcast Skizzenbuch & Marketing is, as you might guess, in German.