Fashion drawings for Riani in Breuninger

It was a perfect welcome: I arrived to the new Riani space in Breuninger in Sindelfingen and the first lady was already waiting for me. She had seen that I would be drawing clients last Saturday and she had beenlooking forward to posing and being sketched. For a whole week. She told me. And I believe her, she was so lovely. You can see her posing with me and our drawing on the photo above and in the video at the end of this post. She was the first one of all the women I drew for four hours without pause. Thank you to all of you, you were so kind, and to Riani for trusting me once again and to the Breuninger team, who made the day easy. Oh, and to my husband, who came and took some photos and waited patiently. I am really lucky.

So, if you are planning a fashion event and would like me to draw your guests or client, don´t hesitate to contact me. More info here.