Live sketches for Parajumpers at the 100 Highlights event in Ludwig Beck

It is a pleasure to see that the work of updating the news on this site brings its fruits: recent proof is the e-mail I received from Parajumpers in Italy asking if I had interest in drawing live for them during the "Ein Tag - 100 Highlights" event in Ludwig Beck, Munich. Of course I had interest!

I had the pleasure to meet the lovely team of the agency Schwarte and share with them and the Parajumpers clients a whole Saturday in advent atmosphere. 

I must say first I was a little bit worried: would I have time in the seven minutes in which I usually draw a sketch to record all the details of the Parajumpers jackets: stripes, hooks... and the fur. But it was actually easier than normally. The pieces are so an eye catcher that they instantaneously become the protagonist of the drawing and it is enough to draw the rough volume of the jacket to get the drawing ready. With the parkas I liked it even better. They have a perfect silhouette and they cover so much.

It was a pleasure and I hope I see you again soon, dear Nicole and Steffi! And thank you to the Ludwig Beck ladies that always treat me so well.