365 days ago: Tokyo 2

Tokyo, Japan.


  • Having breakfast at a tiny eatery in the subway station, ordering by hand signs a delicious soup we don't know until today what was made of, the tidy uniform of the waitress, with her headscarf.
  • The politician (?) giving a speech in the middle of the road on the top of a driving vehicle.
  • The sort of improvised shopping malls, strictly differentiated by themes, created under the railway bridges.
  • Being interviewed by students at Shibuya, after we had been interviewed by a local television the day before at our arrival at the airport. I guess our surprised eyes were an invitation for the interviewers.
  • It was one day but I remember it as if it were several: the quiet morning in our borough that was like a little village, groups of small children passing by and greeting at our window, the crowded Asakusa temple, the families enjoying a wonderful (though pretty cold) autumn Saturday in the park, the busy shopping malls, the whole world crossing over at Shibuya, the futuristic atmosphere as the night came over and the omnipresent gigantic signs became alive.
  • Feeling like a little kid watching every little detail of the world with new eyes. I hope to come back to Tokyo one day and stay for a longer time.

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