365 days ago: Milford Track, 3rd day

New Zealand, South Island, Milford Track, 3rd day.


  • This was the highlight of the Milford Track: Seeing the Sutherland Falls with its 580 metres (try to see the human figure in front of the waterfall, and that is the bottom part of it). The sound even one km. away from it is numbing, like the one of a jet-plane. It is so majestic, so powerful. So incredible that that mass of water is falling down everyday, non stop. Right now too.
  • Feeling privileeged for witnessing that beauty on such a sunny day. Some of our co-hikers had walked the track for three times before and had seen only rain. These mountains have some of the highest rainfall statistics of the world.
  • Looking up and seeing the Alps while walking through a fern-tree jungle.
  • Being jealous of the boys that casually took their clothes off and walked behind the splashing water.
  • But I learned by the evening: After having walked 14 km. it was a perverse pleasure to jump into the freezing waters of the river close to the Dumpling Hut.

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