365 days ago: Milford Track, 2nd day

New Zealand, South Island, Milford Track, 2nd day.


  • 16 km hiking from Clinton Hut to Mintaro Hut and then going the extra mile(s): some two hours of steady zig-zags up to the 500 metres higher Mackinnon Pass. "Just in case the sky clears up now and the weather is bad tomorrow, when we will do the same way again". You can judge by the photo. The clouds just opened up for a couple of seconds. It was worth the effort, though.
  • Being in the middle of four days really away. Losing the contact with the rest of the world for those days. Nothing else than those peaks and valleys.
  • The spontaneous waterfalls as it began to rain. As if the whole valley was crying.
  • Making fun about the exaggerated signing along the path until we realised that when it really rains the whole floor becomes invisible under water.
  • Sleeping hearing the rain outside as if we were in a waterfall ourselves. Or in a car wash site.
  • Going with our hut ranger (a Swiss woman) to collect the died possums from the traps.
  • The Australian girl on the Mackinnon Pass asking why the little pound there was not frozen. I guess it was as cold as she could imagine. Well, she was wearing shorts and sun glasses.

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