365 days ago: Crossing the Haast Pass to Queenstown

New Zealand, South Island, over the Haast Pass to Queenstown.


  • Starting very early, afraid of too much traffic after the Haast Pass had been closed during the night before. We were alone on the road. Again.
  • Arriving to Queenstown and having another "no worries" experience: We gave our camper back at the airport to some men that had flown there to pick it up and no papers what so ever were exchanged. This is very shocking for someone used to the German formalities. I almost panicked after realising we could not prove that we had given it back if the rent-a-car company asked. But then again: who would take our 500,000 km old Toyota HiAce? Well, maybe someone who knew how good it had served to us.
  • My suspicion that the spanish churro is conquering the world was confirmed in Queenstown. But we preferred the delicious desserts at Patagonia. Mmm...

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