The tigers arrived - I am giving one away


I have already shown you the drawing I made in the Domêstika workshop taught by the illustrator Oscar Giménez. I couldn´t decide between the poster as I had conceived it and the reduced version that resulted after eliminating some of the elements, so I ordered prints of both in Whitewall.

They arrived a couple of days ago. It is always a special feeling when, after spending hours days working at a drawing and seeing it only on the computer screen, you finally hold it in your hands, printed on paper. It feels like is "bought" but then again so yours. I love it.

My problem now is that I still cannot decide between the prints and I won't hang both tigers in my studio. The solution: I am going to give one of them away. If you would like to have one of these posters:

  1. write a comment below
  2. next Sunday 23rd of November I will run a raffle to pick the winner
  3. I will publish the winner's identity on Monday 24th
  4. the winner decides which tiger she or he wants to have (and therefore, which one is going to hang here on my wall).

There is only one print of these drawings (for the moment), so they are unique. And shipping is free. See you in the comments!