Let’s build a farm! A real one


It is the coolest game, because it is not a game: We are building a farm for real. In Moshi, Tanzania, and for the Amani Children's Home*. We gave everything so that it is easy and fun for the donors. That is the "game" part of it. Would you like to play a little bit? Start here.

At the bottom of that page you can find information about this exciting project that brings education, fun, pride and supplies to the Amani kids. All in one.

We launched it this morning and we have already some donations. Yeeeh! This is the overview of the donations so far.

For me it meant a chance to draw something completely different to what I usually do. And it was fun: So joyful colours — Hopefully they bring the children the joy of many donations. My favourite drawing: The "Asante Sana" girl, but you only get to see her if you complete a donation. So: Go!

* I am co-founder of the Freunde von Amani Deutschland e.V. We support the Amani Children's Home since my husband and a friend visited it some five years ago as they were in Moshi to climb the Kilimanjaro. They found the Amani team does a great job with the kids and convinced a couple of us. That couple of us eventually became the 70 members of our association.