My tiger

This year is being the "learning" year for me. I have taken part in some online-courses and the most recent one was amazing. Oscar Giménez, one of my favourite illustrators ever (not only because of his style but because his "about" page inspired me so much when I was on my way to become an illustrator myself), offers a course at the platform Domêstika. He teaches his techniques, he provides you with the Photoshop brushes he uses and, incredibly, he even gives the open Photoshop file of the drawing he used for the course videos. When I uploaded my first sketch and he answered promptly and even researched for my project, I could not believe it. He makes an incredible follow up of all students and keeps our spirits very high. The goal of the course is to draw a gig poster for a music group. I chose First Aid Kit because I love their music and because I would like to achieve with my drawings the kind of fresh melancholia (I cannot describe it otherwise) I feel when I hear them. Do you know their "Waitress' Song"? This is my poster:


And a detail of it:


An interesting exercise at the end of the course was to see what happens when some of the drawing-layers are switched off. I like this version too:


So, if you are reading this and you are interested in learning creative skills (and you speak Spanish), I just have a word for you: Domêstika. Go!