Making place for new things


The summers during my architecture studies were no fun: There was so much stuff to learn in June that I would leave some subjects for the September exams. That meant: As the summer came, the plan was clear, keep on learning through the hot months. But there was one year were I either was more inspired or the exams schedule in June was done better. That is how I got a free summer. I decided to use it to learn. But to learn things that interested me personally: French and fashion design. You will think: Fashion design in one summer? No, of course. But it was a sort of teaser course during two months, I was interested only in the drawings anyway.

This year we have been throwing away a lot of old stuff at home. It has created order, not only material order, I am sort of more focused. That is how last Monday I came across a folder with the drawings of that course: schemas of clothing pieces, fashion drawings and even the start of a quite strange collection.

I took this picture before throwing them away. According to the theory you have to get rid of old stuff to make place for new one. Now I hope, new —good— stuff is coming soon.