Smooth interior


The first wrinkles shock you when you see them in the mirror because it is like "how do I not notice this from the inner face of my skin?". And think about it: It is funny that our skin changes so much since we are born till, say, we are 40 (I don't want to go further with this imagination exercise, ahem) but from inside it feels the same. My bones don't feel the same as when I was 10 and I don't want to talk about my joints and ligaments because this week we just ignore each other. But the skin, which optically suffers the main change, remains the same for ourselves.

After years of using the blue tin of Nivea, because I thought a cream that makes it so long in the market cannot be bad, and believing all sophisticated creams tell just lies about their miracles, I have changed to more elaborated substances and this month I am testing the L'oréal Revitalift Laser Serum . My dear sister, a beautician, will be thinking this is a joke: All this time she was saying the Nivea thing was a skin-sin and I would not hear to her advice. But now, a friend from my paradise just gave me this serum as a present (hvala, Irena). Yes, I know: How does my skin look like, that friends start giving me anti-aging creams as spontaneous gifts? I prefer not to think about it.

The thing is I like that serum and I even "see" some results. Either it really works or my aged eyes are getting a fabulous blurring effect.

PS: the text to the drawing reads something like "thank Lord, wrinkles remain unnoticed from the inside" or something like that. I don't know what would be the right translation into English.