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Today is tomorrow


Two weeks after coming back from Bozava I still feel thrown away from paradise. But the good thing about going on holidays in June is that you set up your brain in "summer mood" pretty soon in the season and try to make the most of it no matter where you are. Of course there is no sea around here and not even a decent lake but Stuttgart has a number of thermal springs and some of them are nicely placed in the park, five minutes biking from home. The outdoor pool is, fortunately, cool water. So there we went yesterday with our pick-nick, the whole afternoon, and it was great. Today: A g a i n !!!

I could sketch, and therefore observe, the people. Older people: lying back, reading papers or books. Younger people: texting. Everybody. As a drawer you just get that pose of head looking down, hands together in front of the face. Let see what I catch today.