Fashion sketches live at Dior boutique


It is difficult to spot a highlight at the very moment as it happens. And the year has still a couple of months. But I feel the highlight of my 2019 as a live-sketcher just took place. In Frankfurt. In the Dior Boutique. What an evening. I felt so happy drawing the elegant ladies that attended the show displaying the last Dior collection. In such a fantastic atmosphere and in that gorgeous boutique of theirs.


This event had the little challenge for me that we would work in a different format as my usual DIN A4 Bristol card. I was to use DIN A6 water colour paper. The small size implied I had to reduce the drawing a lot. Which also meant that it went much quicker.


I enjoyed the challenge and I like the result very much. Actually better than my usual style. But I think it might only work when the outfits are really special. As they were. It is easier then to catch the “fashion” aspect of it in a couple of brushes. It is like it doesn’t need so much “filter” from my side.


I came a little bit early to the boutique and so I had the chance to sketch a little bit during the fitting of the models, to get used to this new size.


So, imagine the luxury, to get a drawing warm up with real Dior models and with the look book of the last collection.

As I was drawing non-stop I did not have the chance to see much of the collection apart from what I had seen during the fitting. Though these are some of the drawings I did of the models in their new collection dresses. As you see, Dior had prepared cute folders for the drawings in the tartan optic that is a main feature of their new collection. I love the level of detail they put in everything.

I had the luck that one of the wonderful young ladies I met, the stylist who had come all the way from Paris to put the outfits together, was so kind to invite me to the show the week after, as they did it again in Dusseldorf. That was another dream afternoon.

Thanks to the whole team, who were SO fantastically nice to me and fun to work with.


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