Fashion sketches live to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Madeleine store

I use MADELEINE's catalogue a lot to find inspiring poses: her models have a grace and elegance worthy of past decades. It seems that not only do I find my fashion sense aligned with MADELEINE's, they also perceive it that way, apparently and that's why they entrust me with jobs, I suppose. Last fall I was commissioned to draw for them during the party after the Tribute to Bambi awards ceremony and after that I had the chance to draw the motif for the card that this year commemorates their 40th anniversary.

MADELEINE sells her collection mainly by catalogue and via her on-line shop. But they have a physical store in Nuremberg that is two years old this year. And to celebrate this second birthday the company offers a series of events and goodies to its customers. And it's for one of those goodies that they hired me last April 5th: to draw fashion sketches of the clients who came to the store that day. In addition to my drawings and MADELEINE's exquisite collection, there was champagne and... madeleines, of course.

The action went so well that we spontaneously extended the drawing session by another hour. My contact at MADELEINEwas kind enough to prepare a package for the trip with some of the madeleines. Not only that, they also gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There is a risk in me getting used to this kind of treatment.

If you are planing a PR event for a fashion label or a lifestyle brand, you might consider a sketcher who draws live. It brings action in the room and your guests have a nice experience and a souvenir that reminds them of your brand. If you do so, you know where to find me.