Live fashion illustration for Madeleine Fashion at the Tribute to Bambi

Drawing fashion sketches live during the after-show party of the Tribute to Bambi charity event last Thursday was one of the (so many) highlights of this season for me. A very special night in which my client Madeleine Fashion donated to the Tribute to Bambi foundation for every drawing I did. Although it meant for me drawing non stop from 10 PM till 3 AM it was easier than other times because the models were already so close to a fashion sketch: gorgeous women (and some men) in beautiful gowns, posing like the pros they are.

Thank you to Madeleine Fashion, the Tribute to Bambi Stiftung and Hubert Burda media group for this opportunity and to all you, dear models, who offered me your time and patience. Oh! And a very special and warm thank you to my boss-assistent Beatrice! You were great, girl.