My month's faves: September 2017


Since November 2016 every time I notice something in my life that I especially enjoy or that makes my day easier, I write it down in my little bullet journal and I publish it here. For me as a reminder and just in case any of you might also like or need these things. Here come the best little things of my September:

  • Brooke Castillo and her podcast "The Life Coach School". I found her in the Instagram story of @realbrookewhite (who by the way: is SO fun) and since then I am addicted. It sounds right now here in the background as I type this and it has been my companion during the last six weeks, as I have been travelling all over Germany. Her message is so helpful in so many aspects. The core can be resumed in the fact that your thoughts determine your emotions and your emotions determine your actions and these lead to your results; AND you can control your thoughts, controlling so the rest of the chain. It sounds pretty logic but we so often feel caught in our thoughts as if they were just immovable part of our reality. You can find the podcast in Stitcher and iTunes.
  • The book "Diary of a Provincial Lady", by E. M. Delafield. This recommendation came with the summer newsletter "OLA" by the always so inspiring Carmen Pacheco (not the first time I buy a book after she praises it, and certainly not the last time). It is so refreshing to see that all kind of household, family and social life little disasters and the whole nonsense theories about them are being around for so long. Things like children birthday parties, what to buy, how to say no to annoying people, not to say "no" to children... all that in the 1930s already! And told in the form of a hilarious diary. 
  • Also a loyal companion during my trips and a recent discovery: the SkinActive Moisture-Bomb sheet mask from Garnier. So much trains and planes, long events in air-conditioned places, so little drinking and sleeping has to be compensated somehow. And it feels good taking care of yourself in the short time that is really yours during those trips.