Black & white. And a little bit of red.

If you follow me on Instagram you know these ladies. And this pair of shoes. The reason why I post them here (before I come to, some day, add them to my portfolio) is that I am personally quite happy with them. 

I am so used to adapt my technique, style, voice, graphic language... however you want to call it, to the needs of my clients, that I struggle with finding my own. And then I listen to so many advices that say "forget it, just draw and it will come". And I draw. But it is really frustrating to see that the results don´t match with each other. And it makes the start of a drawing difficult too, because there is not a "certain way" I do it. Sometimes it is so, sometimes so. Some days I feel like using references and a marker and some other days I want to water colour and draw from my imagination. The result is inevitably very different. And some days I don't even start because I get lost in the process of picking the medium.

Even in this little collection the women are not the same type. But at least I like the consistency in the palette, if you can call it that, and the economy of means. The missing lines. The little accents of red. And above all: I like the fact that I enjoy drawing them AND planing them. I think of or see a motif and I can start thinking which parts will go in black, which lines will not be there, which part is going to have a texture and what for a texture it will be, what will be the little red detail... Well, in this small selection it is obvious: the lips, but I did some other sketches (no women, no fashion) and I could follow the same pattern. Which I loved.

The best thing is: it works as a filter. I come now across so many motifs that suit perfectly the pattern. Like when you get aware of something interesting for the first time and then start hearing about it and seeing it everywhere and think "was it there the whole time? how could I not have known about it?". I mean, this (let's call it) technique is not really innovative and I could have tried it long time ago, but somehow we crossed our ways last month for the first time.