Hugo who? Hugo R.

Germans love to go outside. You might think this is not true if you visited the country during the winter. But as soon as the sun comes out: streets, squares and terraces are crowded. It is fantastic. Oh, and gardens! To gather with friends around a grill is one of the big pastimes of the German summer. And when you eat, you know, you drink. Quite at the top of the drinks hit-parade (probably direct after beer) comes the cocktail called "hugo". I had my first one at one of the fabulous garden parties that my colleague and dear friend Vera organises. It is really refreshing and delicious. This is how you prepare one, you need:

  • "Sekt", which is the German sparkling wine, but prosecco or cava would do and probably (never tried it though) you could have a luxury hugo if you used champaign.
  • A squirt of syrup of elderflower (Sambucus nigra). I did not know this flower till I came to Germany, it is very popular here. Don´t mistake it with the one on the photo: I used this one because elder has not bloomed yet, it will do around June.
  • Fresh peppermint leaves.
  • A slice of lime.
  • Ice cubes.
  • You can add some sparkling water if you want to reduce the alcohol ratio.
  • If you want to serve it in a distinctive glass I suggest my last design for Ritzenhoff, ha ha, featuring the beautiful elder flowers.