Inktober 2016. The best of.

It was Jake Parker's challenge Inktober that two years ago brought me to opening an Instagram account: it was much easier to show the daily work on that platform than publishing it on my blog. Which I did at the end as the month was over, like I am doing right now. Because this year I joined Inktober again. But it was a special one, following the prompts of Brownpaperbunny who shared her topic list #inktoberFF: all fashion items! Of course I had to join her challenge. Thank you for your initiative, Jessica!

This gallery is a little collection of my favourites. They are drawn with different tools but always with ink: sometimes directly with a brush, sometimes with a fountain pen and then some water, sometimes with a fine liner. Ink was my only rule. The results are, depending on the mood, the inspiration level and the time I had: either a very sketchy quick drawing, a more detailed one or even a pattern, that I made out of different single sketches. I hope you like them too!