Fashion live sketching

Exactly two weeks ago I was sitting in the shopping mall das gerber, in Stuttgart, live drawing the VIP guests of their fashion event (#TGFE) And it was a blast.

It started one week before as I saw on their Instagram the announcement of The Gerber Fashion Event. I wrote them a direct message offering my services as a fashion sketcher. In a shop, I thought, I could draw the clients. But the agency which organised the event, 0711 digital, had a better place for me: the VIP zone, where bloggers and influencers were invited. Even better!

So, I spent two hours drawing quick fashion sketches. The model had to stand some three minutes in order for me to trace the main features of their outfit, then I needed some four minutes more to enhance and colour the drawing. 

Live drawing event Virginia Romo Illustration

It is the kind of quick drawing that I really love to do. And I think the guests liked it too: they looked pretty happy as I gave them their drawings. These are some of them: