Horoscope - Capricorn

Last year around these days I started with the first mini task of the MATS Assignment Bootcamp: to sketch shapes built as Edwardian brooches, their jewels and geometry. We didn't know at that point that the final task of that month would be to create journal covers featuring the icons we had created in the phase. I used insect-images for my journals. But in the mini phase I sketched different series: a "brooch" alphabet, flowers (these ended up on some glass decoration I designed for Ritzenhoff), some other motifs... and a horoscope.

Already as I child I was fascinated by the horoscope signs and it was the first thing I looked for in a newspaper or magazine. Not to read the predictions, which I find amusing but don't believe. But to see the signs and symbols themselves. Sometimes they would be the animals, objects and people who populate the zodiac (the lion, the twins...), sometimes they featured the shapes of the constellations in the sky, sometimes they would depict some property related with the name or the supposed character of that sign (fancy big hair for Leo, a swimming-pool for Aquarius...) and some other times they would recreate the signs used in astrology to represent each sign.

Twelve words, twelve names, so full of symbology that you can endless draw around it. Literally: every month hundreds of illustrators around the world create new horoscope images to supply the printing industry that needs them. Every time new. You can add your own imagery to it: the bag for each sign, the car for each sign, the shoe for each sign... For an illustrator it is a never ending source of inspiration. 

You can add the fact that each zodiac sing is assigned to one element, to one colour... I mean, really, it is fascinating. 

This year I will show you here the horoscope I created using my Edwardian brooch sketches, depicting the astrology symbols and in four colours, one for each element. The first one is the earthy Capricorn, the January sing (mainly, I am a December child and still a Capricorn). Is it yours too? If not, wait for yours to come up here.

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