Celebrating 2016

Hard to believe but this 2015 is saying good bye soon. A new year full of our expectations is about to start. Many of you and the people you know have for sure big plans for 2016: getting married, having a child, starting your own business, a round birthday, throwing a big party... To celebrate and commemorate all those occasions Ritzenhoff creates a "Year Glass" every year in its "Champus" series. My design was chosen to be on the 2016 glass! I am so happy about it.

It was January as the invitation to the pitch came. I was taking part in the MATS Bootcamp and we had been sketching brooches for an assignment which consisted on creating the cover of a notebook. I had been drawing insect brooches and the zodiac signs and capital letters as brooches.

So, I of course thought about brooches for the year glass, or at least a stylised geometric form: the way you could put precious stones together to form the shape of flowers. And this is what came out to my sketchbook:


This is the final design after redrawing the sketches in Adobe Illustrator and adapting the drawing to the glass template. Can't wait for the new year to start and to toast with my new glasses for all the good to come to us!