Drawing your DRESSember - Send me your photo!

If you also like fashion but think taking it too seriously leads to a frivolity you don't like, if you prefer to take the fun part of fashion and put it to serve something serious: Then you probably already know Dressember. If you don't know it yet, you are going to love it. Read on.

I first knew about Dressember some 4 weeks ago while watching one of Sunny Lenarduzzi's videos. And I could not believe I had not heard of it before: such a good idea for such a noble cause. And involving wearing dresses. I listened to the inspiring story of founder Blythe Hill at her TEDx Talk and I made a decision: I would participate. Not only wearing a dress every day of December (wish me luck on my skiing days), but sketching one and posting it to my Instagram and Facebook pages. To raise awareness and funds to fight against exploitation and trafficking of women.

This is my plan:

In written words:

I need your help. Many women need your help. For me, it can come in three ways:

  1. SEND A PHOTO: Please send me a photo of you wearing a dress* (or of the dress alone) that I can use as inspiration for my sketches. This is already a big help.
  2. or / and DONATE: If apart from that you donate** on my Dressember page I will send you the drawing as a high resolution image that you can print for personal use or set as wallpaper of your computer or smartphone. The donations go to the International Justice Mission and to A21 (fights against human trafficking)***
  3. PARTICIPATE! Put on a dress every day of December and tell the world about this project.

Any of these three options is welcome. Or any combination of them.  I would be very grateful if you join me in this.  If you want to know more about Dressember go to dressember.org.

Waiting for your dress! See you around. 

* I would love to be able to post your photo to encourage others to send me theirs, but if you don't want me to do it, tell we and I won't.
** Any amount: every dollar counts
*** It is not December yet and I have already received almost 20 photos of dresses. Your chances to get your dress drawn increase if you donate: I will focus first on the dresses whose owners supported my campaign with a donation. I owe them that. I hope you understand.


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