Virginia Romo Illustration


Live event drawing: Fashion sketches drawn live during events. Perfect for PR events for fashion labels and lifestyle companies. Clients repeat. Among them L’Oréal Paris, Coca-Cola, Madeleine Mode, Riani, Lillet, Maybelline.

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Modeskizzen live bei Veranstaltungen. Perfekt für PR-Events für Modelabels und Lifestyle-Unternehmen. Kunden wiederholen. Darunter L'Oréal Paris, Coca-Cola, Madeleine Mode, Riani, Lillet, Maybelline. Auch für private Events wie Hochzeiten: das perfekte personalisierte Geschenk für Eure Gäste. Fragt nach!


If you are a fashion label or a life style company looking for something special to offer to your guests at the next event, you might have found the solution: quick fashion illustrations drawn live during your happening that depict your guests in their pose and outfit. A nice attraction and a unique souvenir of your event.

Some of the clients and events I have drawn live for: Dior at the launch of the perfume JOY in Germany, L'Oréal at the charity event Dreamball, Madeleine Mode at the Tribute to Bambi Awards, Riani at the VOGUE Fashion Night Out, opening of the L'Oréal pop-up store during the Berlinale, Lillet, Maybelline, Coca Cola.

Read below how it works and contact me for enquiries or if you have any questions.



The guest poses standing for about three minutes while I draw quickly the main features of the outfit and the pose.



After that time the model is free to go and I enhance the drawing with colour and shadows in some further four minutes.



Your guest receives a stylish drawing that will always remind her of your event.


The painting material (DIN A4 paper in Bristol quality, markers and water soluble colour pencils) is provided by me. What I need from you is only a chair, good light (on the paper and on the spot where the models will stand) and some 2 metres distance between my chair and the posing spot. Most of the clients supply me with branded folders in which their guests can take and protect the drawing. Some of them also used the services of a hostess that would tell the guests what to do (very recommendable under party conditions). Below these lines you can see and read blog posts about some of the events I have drawn at so far:

And this video shows me fashion-sketching live. If you still have questions: don't hesitate in contacting me. Looking forward to hearing from you and working together at your next event.