Oscars 2015. Sketching my favourites


Of course they are more than their dresses. That is why we watch their movies. But then: the fashion industry produces tones of great stuff every week and once a year we get to see what the most exposed women, having all choices, have picked for their most public day. So, we are interested on what they choose for that moment, of course. And I am glad that the range is bigger than in the masculine wardrobe. It is thanks to the Oscars and such that we see the oh most fabulous dresses in action, not on a catwalk, but being worn for the purpose they were created.


It is an annual ritual to have a look at the Oscars' red carpet and choose the favourites. For me, this year they were:

1. The black and white, architectonic choice of Patricia Arquette,


2. Scarlett Johannson in a sculptoric green Versace (a surprise for me, that I would like a Versace that much, but then again, it was on SJ),


3. Cate Blanchett. Without doubt the most elegant for me. Almost always, I must add.


4. Naomi Watts' Armani. A gorgeous texture on a piece that was cut like a beach dress, if it wasn't for its length. Naomi was the only one I have chosen for my sketches who wasn't wearing her hair just swept back in a chignon. But no traces of a real hair-do in her case either. What happened? I mean, I like it, but: Were all Hollywood hairdressers on strike?

5. And then, for reasons I cannot explain, I liked the red Givenchy that Rosamund Pike was wearing. Lace, red... not really my thing. But I love it on her.

Did you have a favourite too? Five of them maybe?