2014: the year of learning - Warming up

This was not a course but it has much to do with learning and it is, for sure, a good habit: Warming up. Drawing warming up, I mean, for hand and head.

I knew the page "Figure & Gesture Drawing Practice" from before but I started using it regularly last January and it has been a good companion all over the year.

Again: If there are any illustrators out there with little time to go to real nude drawing sessions, this is a good substitute. You can adjust the time you want to spend on every pose. The "normal" classes go for some 30 minutes, they start with very short gesture drawings (some 30 seconds) and they develop to longer poses where you can spend some time rendering your sketch.

It has been a while since my last session, I must say. And right now I have to start a series of ten drawings that must be finished by Wednesday noon... So I'd rather start warming up.

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