2014: the year of learning - MATS - Pirates for babies

I started telling you here about the MATS course I did last spring.

The theme for the second week was baby apparel. A huge market with its very specific rules. It is not where I see myself, I must say, but it was lots of fun, especially drawing the mini, where I just drew like crazy: ships, hats, boots, chests, waves... and petrol lanterns. I loved that part.

I also liked the fact that such a theme like pirates was proposed to create patterns for baby apparel. I  mean: rough pirates and sweet babies. Maybe not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about baby stuff and definitely more difficult to approach than, say, teddy bears.

But then again, I am sure there are millions of parents, aunts, grandfathers... looking for sweet baby stuff that features something else than stars and butterflies.

The task of the week was to create icons that could be used on different coordinates of fabric patterns, as single application for onesies, T-shirts etc., on ribbons... On whatever product or material that is meant for babies. You see here my result. In the aftermath I am pretty happy with the colour palette and with the lanterns and some of the pirates' faces, but maybe bold pirates are not the best pick for babies. Something learnt for next time.