365 days ago: Sydney 1

Sydney, Australia.


  • If cities were women, Sydney would be a top model (a nice, approachable one): It is so beautiful, it urges you to take one photograph after the other. Everything sits in the perfect place.
  • The Sydney bay is huge. Enormous. And so full of activity: boats and vessels of all kinds and sizes crossing constantly. So alive. We took the ferry to Manly —a town (or is it a part of Sydney? I don't really know) with two beaches: one to the bay, one to the open Pacific— and I was jealous of all those people for whom that is just public transportation, the way to work.
  • Experiencing the Christmas-Summer-Surfer atmosphere in Manly. For us, Europeans, just crazy.
  • We met the oh so generous and nice Yani and Peter in person. My husband had "met" her on the internet years before as he was preparing his climb to the Kilimanjaro and it was through Yani, who had been there, that he knew about the Amani Children's Home that we support with our association ever since he came back. She had known through Facebook that we were "around" (in New Zealand) and suggested to meet in Sydney. We walked together over the bridge, went to the beautiful Lavender Bay, saw the Luna Park in its Mouvember look, had a delicious dinner in a Thai restaurant and got to see her apartment which has an splendid view of the bridge in the night. Isn't this world just wonderful?

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