365 days ago: saying good bye and hello

Fourth stop: Sydney, Australia —after leaving New Zealand from Christchurch.


  • One month on the road.
  • I read somewhere that the city of Christchurch masters the capitalization of drama. Well, that I don't know but they have done a pretty good job with their shopping centre: the containers make clear the temporary aspect of this construction but the design is very appealing and looks joyful and optimistic. The right attitude for all the shops that were left without a roof over their heads after the last earthquakes.
  • Saying good bye to New Zealand. I think I will go back. If anything else because the thought of not seeing all that any more is quite sad.
  • Arriving to Sydney. The customs and pass control: Australia is not New Zealand. It was the tough police officers that are standard everywhere (everywhere except for... you know). And taking a taxi at the airport was also a different experience than the easy kiwi way we were used to.
  • The incredibly incredible apartment we got through Airbnb. An eighth floor in a building that had used to be a hotel before, an amazing view over the bay, beautiful, exquisite design. And a very charming host, our Lene. You can see the lobby here. Imagine how it was for our eyes accustomed to our camper and the Milford huts for so long.

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