365 days ago: l'arrivée à Akaroa

New Zealand, South Island, flying from Queenstown to Christchurch, arrival to Akaroa.


  • Pack & Send is unique. This is their slogan. And it is true. They picked a package with our hiking stuff from our lodge after we had left Queenstown and sent it home to Germany, so that it waited for us as we arrived. They even suggested to put everything in a big box and they would shift it to a smaller one if they saw that the big box was not full. All this picking up and shifting with no extra cost. Paying? We could arrange it afterwards with a credit card. I wondered if they would wash our clothes too before sending them away. If we hadn't fall in love with the easy New Zeland way by then, we did in that moment.
  • Easy way: No security control what so ever to board the plane that would take us to Christchurch. Cool safety video instead.
  • Arriving to the sweet, Français Akaroa. Nice houses and urban furniture, gorgeous flowers. Everything so small and cute, including our little bungalow.

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