365 days ago: jumping to the South Island

New Zealand, North Island + South Island, Wellington.


  • Sweet Mia saying "Mia mit" meaning she wanted to come with us in our little house on wheels. Until she understood that meant to choose between that and her mum.
  • Fantastic and gigantic Museum Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington (free admission! When they say "welcome", they mean it): Nature, History, Culture... you name it.
  • Yummy food: steak and champignons pie in Bulls and then chicken dumplings with octopus balls and kimchi gyoza at Chow in Wellington. We used to write this kind of things on the postcards we were sending to ourselves. Yea, we enjoy food. Pretty much.
  • A remarkable photograph of a very special tiny restaurant was displayed in one of the lounges of our 10 deck ferry. More about this on Friday.

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