A grocery in my drawer?

Adieu summer! Welcome routines. One of them: Everyday fashion. You know, I take my exercise book and a fashion motif, and there we go.


Today the book said I should go to a grocery and paint some colourful vegetables using different materials, lines and colour areas, all at the same time. But I have drawn enough lettuce and co. this year and although Chanel lately taught us otherwise, normally are supermarket and grocery not places to spot fashion. So, I went to my accessories drawer and arranged a cheery still life with some of my favourite pieces.

Fun factor of the preparing work: 9 Fun factor of painting: 7? Summary: I was surprised by the colours, I like them and use them in the real life but I probably wouldn't have come to the idea of using them (and together) in a drawing if it hadn't been for the exercise. Thank you book!