In the meanwhile #4

Do you have a favourite bag? Like favourite-favourite? I do. Three of them.

The newest one, you know it. That is the sunny-day-I-need-only-some-money-and-my-phone-bag.

Then I have a winter version of it. It is black. I bought it in Barcelona for my long trip around the world. It had to be small but with enough space for documents, money, a camera and even a mini Samsonite umbrella. And it had to go well with trekking wear in the woods and with a dress in the city. I know. I was asking too much. But sometimes you have to ask to get an answer and I got it.

And then comes THE favourite. It is a big green leather bag by Thuskia with enough space for whatever you might need but an inner-life so well organized that you can find no matter what treasure you carry with you in a second. It is so dramatically green that you can wear it with everything.

I also love the story and philosophy of Thuskia. I would buy my next bag also from them. Only: what to buy when you already have your favourites?