Those days in the kitchen

The last thing I exercised following my drawing-lab-book was a pretty simple one but I loved it. It was about drawing like with an usual pencil but changing the colours randomly. For me it was a confirmation that pencil is my main tool. I feel comfortable with it in the hand, you can create a lot of different structures, the colours are infinite and you still can mix them, I like the result and they make no mess.

Once again I think I found the perfect theme for this technique: The 80s looking pullovers by Alexander Wang and Malaika Raiss for the next autumn. They are so elaborated, so thick, so big... they remind me of those afternoons sitting in the kitchen, doing homework with my sister while my mum and my grand mother were sewing and knitting, calling us to stand up to try on their new works. And later as a teenager borrowing my father´s pullovers, enormous, serving me as miniskirts. I still use one of his cardigans as my homey winter weapon. Thick wool, complicated diamond pattern. So cosy.