I upcycle my paper


As you can imagine seeing the gallery under these lines: today's task in the book I using to find my voice was about patterns made with big brushes and nib pens on one side, and then about using wax colours. I hope (you fashion freaks :-)) will identify some Stella McCartney, Paul & Joe or Peter Pilotto stuff there. Nicole: You will probably find the gorgeous dress you pinned in Pinterest.

The inspiration I found was really beautiful but I was disappointed by the result and using these techniques was not my thing.

That is why, after a nice evening drinking and eating with my Atelier LaLa colleagues, I came home and wanted to draw something I would enjoy. This girl on the right with her white dress was my savour. I liked glueing the paper cut outs and I am ok with the result.

I have to say that as I scanned the other drawings for this post I found some qualities in them I am learning to like. Like the shoes of the lady in the polka dots dress or the textures in the background of the Stella McCartney cardigan.

I guess this is one of the points of this exercise: to get some surprises.