Everyday fashion

Like the vast majority of my colleagues I have spent my whole childhood and youth with a stack of papers on my lap and drawing. Paper and pens were the thing not to forget when going on holidays and they were always on the coffee table, I used to listen to TV more than watch it. And by drawing in my case I mean drawing girls and fashion. Dream job at those days: being a fashion illustrator. Which in my provincial young mind sounded so possible as becoming an astronaut. So life went on, I studied architecture -at least I would draw there. And as a couple of years ago I decided "now or never" I somehow "had to be able" to draw everything. I guess it was a mixture of the drawing lessons during my architecture studies where we used to be told "being able to draw means being able to draw any thing" and the fact that it appeared easier to me to get more clients if my spectrum was as wide as possible. Which was possibly true at that point.

After four years I have drawn animals, cars, diggers, machines I don´t even know how they are called or what they exactly do. But what I still truly enjoy is drawing women and fashion. However, the ability I got to draw in different registers for so many different clients blurs somehow my own voice when drawing "for me". The same way my handwriting is different depending on what pen I am using and what I am writing, my drawings speak of different worlds depending on the material I am using, the purpose of the drawing and even the day. Several personalities or a matter of discipline? I hope the latter is true.

I have decided to work seriously on a consistent own voice and, starting today, I am going to (ab)use this blog and you, my dearest audience, to showcase my efforts.

First step: trying all materials at hand and reflect about how I feel using them and how I like the result. My companions are this book by Veronica Lawlor-just as a guide to get out of the hole in the "I don´t know what to draw" moments- and some fashion magazines (right now on my desk: flair and jolie runway).

Today was pretty productive for a first day: graphite, normal pencils, fineliner, brush liner, nib pens, brush, bamboo pen and ink. I got to try all that and it was so much fun. That is at least something. What the results concerns: Well, there are a couple of things I like. I hope you too. See you on Monday.