My paradise


If you are wondering: yes, you could jump in the sea from the hotel balcony. The best part of it is when you take a nap in the afternoon and see from your very bed the masts of the sailing boats entering the harbour. I am addicted to it. And that is why (among other things) this year has been my number 16 in Bozava, on the island Dugi Otok (Croatian for "Long Island"). Next year it will be summer no. 40 for my husband, who introduced me to this drug.

Before I used to think that going on holiday year after year to the same place was a boring thing to do and not "holiday" any more. Until I came to Bozava. Ever since then, a summer without Bozava means a looong and unbearable winter afterwards. I guess it is partly because as a Spaniard living in Germany I have my foreignness quota in my everyday life and I don't need it necessarily during my leisure days. Although I still enjoy "real" travelling and getting to know new places I just need to revisit Bozava summer after summer.

But it is not only that. It is mainly that I already found "the place" for me, the perfect one. Then: why going through the annoying part of planning a holiday in an unknown place, being afraid whether your expectations are going to be met? And how wonderful not having the pressure to visit any place in the neighbourhood: you can do it next year!

I was born at the Atlantic coast and back there we think the Mediterranean sea is not a "real" sea, more sort of a lake (yes, I know! sorry!): no big waves, no big tides and so on. I knew the Spanish Mediterranean Coast and that confirmed my believes. Since I got to see the Adriatic Sea. I just felt in love with it. It is a friendly sea: you can get really close to it, have a sun bath with your fingers touching its pristine waters without risking your life, it is transparent as if someone had poured it from a bottle of Evian, it is warm so you don't have to hesitate whether jumping in it or not. "My" sea, the Cantabrian, is beautiful and imposing, but not friendly, at all. The Adriatic is a dear friend (although it showed me its fierce side once while sailing, but that is another story).

Bozava is a tiny village with the charm of an untouched place, with everything I need but nothing I don't need: no souvenir shops, no discos, almost no cars, immaculate nature, good food, good weather and that sea. Plus the people that, with the years, have become like family. The small hotel we go to is as close to the sea as it gets. In the morning you see the sun reflecting on the sea and making light games on the ceiling of your room. It is the best way to wake up.

We normally spend two weeks in Bozava every year. This time it was 21 days and it was delicious, especially the week in the middle, when you get lost in time. My goal is to spend one day the whole summer over there. We'll see.

PS: Yes, I know, it was a long text but five days of rain since we came back is being a hard test, so nostalgia signs are appearing sooner as normally. By the way: I use this PS to apologize for daring to write this blog in English but it is the only way to get to some very dear readers that showed me their interest from the beginning (hvala ti, Lana).